CODE BLUE: Redefining The Practice of Medicine

Dr. Stancic is currently producing a documentary film, code blue: redefining the practice of medicine, which will highlight the practice of Lifestyle Medicine to prevent, treat, and manage chronic illnesses. In doing so, she has been traveling coast-to-coast over the past several months, interviewing prominent leaders in Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr. Stancic with Rutgers medical students.

Dr. Stancic with Rutgers medical students.

Her focus, beyond her medical practice, public speaking, and teaching, is to catalyze change in medical education, assuring future generations of physicians receive appropriate education on the importance of nutrition and lifestyle in maintaining health, as well as the role it can play in managing and reversing disease. Currently, only 27% of medical schools deliver the 25 hours of nutrition education curricula dictate they should be receiving. And yet, even that is too little. Only 14% of doctors report they were offered sufficient nutrition education while in medical school. Arguably, nutrition is the most important aspect of health maintenance. Dr. Stancic wants to work to correct this discrepancy by shedding light on this lapse, and she seeks to bring needed change to our outdated medical education model.

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