Dr. Stancic’s Lifestyle Medicine Practice

Today, in response to both her personal experience as a multiple sclerosis patient and as veteran physician, she has shifted her professional focus to disease prevention. She has created a distinct contemporary healthcare model rooted in traditional medical principles. Dr. Stancic believes we need to return to a time when the doctor-patient experience was not hurried, but instead nurturing, building a mutual relationship of trust.

In 2012, as a response to lapses in healthcare, Dr. Stancic founded her current medical practice, whose focus is on educating and empowering patients to understand the importance of their personal lifestyle choices. This relatively new clinical discipline is called Lifestyle Medicine , and it is centered on supporting patients to improve their personal health outcomes by addressing and optimizing:

1.   diet and nutrition
2.   physical activity
3.   stress management
4.   sleep hygiene
5.   maintaining a healthy weight
6.   avoiding tobacco
7.   reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption

The scientific literature tells us that by adopting healthy behaviors we can prevent nearly 80% of chronic diseases. Dr. Stancic seeks to support behavior modification to reduce risk of disease, manage and reverse illness and improve the quality of life of her patients.

She personally dedicates two hours to all initial patients. In this time, beyond a medical evaluation, she offers detailed education and allows for ample time to answer all your questions. She seeks to develop a relationship of trust and partnership with her patients as she supports their path to wellness.










“I wanted to create a contemporary medical practice in response to the unique health challenges of the 21st century- Chronic disease. I also wanted this new model to serve and nurture a return to the once esteemed doctor- patient relationship of the past. It’s been hard to do this with the current health care model in which we alot 10 to 15 minutes per patient. My medical practice is a response to what disappointed me most as a patient; feeling rushed through my visit, often having to sit in a waiting room for an hour before seeing my doctor, and then once there feeling disconnected. I want my patients to know I am respectful of their valued time by assuring we start visits when scheduled and dedicating my uninterrupted attention to address all their concerns.”- Dr. Stancic


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